Plus size models you should be following on Instagram

Whether it’s somewhere in Asia or here in the United States, the body positivity movement has become an unstoppable force recently, no matter how cliche that sounds. Fashion brands have even started extending their clothing sizes to be more size-inclusive.

Asian models across the world are breaking boundaries and fore fronting the body positivity movement, serving as the representation that other curvy women need. Here are a few talented and accomplished women you can follow on Instagram:

1. Vivian Geeyang Kim

Hailed for being one of the first to make waves as a plus size model in South Korea, Vivian Kim has clearly set the stage for others to follow in her footsteps. Kim is currently the editor-in-chief at her self-launched plus-size fashion magazine @im66100.

2. Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada’s impressive resume includes her snagging campaigns for places like H&M and ASOS. Shimada’s Instagram feed, which includes videos of her being #carefree in dancing classes, makes us all want to live her Insta-worthy life.

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3. Natalie Johnson

While Sacramento native and Asian American blogger Natalie Johnson amusingly calls herself “hentai hunny,” Johnson is an Instagram girl with a bold flare who truthfully and accurately calls herself an “all-around pretty cool girl.”

4. Nazirah Ashari

Nazirah Ashari is a Kuala Lumpur blogger who calls herself a plus-size hijabi fashion blogger and a body positive advocate. Ashari, who is also a digital strategist, labels her Instagram feed as something that embodies her interests as a fat girl, Malaysian woman and a feminist.

5. Adithira Hanim Ramelan

In a profile with IDN Times, Adithira Ramelan outlined her longtime struggle with body image. After being told that she wasn’t bold enough to share full-body images, the Indonesian model is now Insta-famous for her OOTDs.

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6. Natalie Nootenboom

Natalie Nootenboom, who is infamously known for being the cousin of Steve Aoki, became the first plus-size model to walk for Anna Sui at New York Fashion Week in 2017. Nootenboom wants to break the stereotype that plus-size Asian models don’t exist.

7. Taylor Tak

You’ve probably seen Taylor Tak in a viral video on being a plus-size model in South Korea. After a triumphant career modeling for brands such as Fashion Nova and being photographed for Cosmopolitan Korea, Tak is now living in Sydney.

8. Payal Soni

Indian model Payal Soni, who was the winner of plus-size beauty pageant Miss Curvy Queen, has modeled for Indian brands such as Amydus, Luluandsky and Lastinch. Soni believes that self-love and body confidence are important to curvy women.

9. ​Katrina Gumabao

Katrina Gumabao has her fair share of runway experience, including walking at Melbourne Fashion Week in 2016, where she was their first plus-size Filipino model. Gumabao, who is the sister of Filipino actor Marco Gumabao, also walked for Torrid at New York Fashion Week in 2017.

10. Paxyshia

As a fashion-forward Asian American influencer, Minnesota-based Paxyshia posts #look after #look on her Instagram. When she isn’t posting OOTDs or talking about TV shows on social media, she’s talking about being a student. Talk about well-rounded.

11. Bishamber Das

Bishamber Das became the first plus-size model to win a title at the Miss India Europe pageant in 2014. Das, who, believes that confidence “should ooze from your success and attitude,” is also one of Britain’s first plus-size Asian models.

12. Naomi Watanabe

Japanese plus-size fashion mogul Naomi Watanabe is the epitome of thriving in her 30s. In addition to the success from her fashion line Punyus, Watanabe has an flourishing comedy career as well.

Featured photo courtesy of online magazine Semaine.

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