Liked Randall Park’s raps in ‘Always Be My Maybe?’

If there was anything that left an impression on viewers who watched Ali Wong and Randall Park’s “Always Be My Maybe,” it would be the closing credits’ “I Punched Keanu Reeves.” The song was performed by Hello Peril, the band of Park’s movie character Marcus.

“I Punched Keanu Reeves,” along with other Hello Peril songs, were composed by Park himself alongside Dan the Automator, and has quickly taken the internet by storm following the premire of the movie. Park told Pitchfork that the “John Wick” actor approved of the song prior to it being in the film.

In 2017, Park dropped by TBS’ “Drop the Mic,” a show where two celebrities compete against each other in rap battles. Catch him going up against “Dawson’s Creek” actor James Van Der Beek in this clip with over 3 million views:

Photo taken from USA Today courtesy of Netflix.

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