Instagram-Worthy Neon Exhibits to Visit in Asia

An Instagram trend among millennials that’s as bright and evergreen is the brightly-colored neon aesthetic. Whether you pose in front of a luminous neon backdrop or visit a cafe with a signature slogan sign, neon will certainly bring a pop of light into your feed. Here are four museum exhibits you should consider for your next big trip to another country:

1. Rockbund Art Museum

Located in Shanghai, China, the Rockbund Art Museum is a contemporary art museum which includes interactive installations as well as plenty of opportunities for aesthetic Instagram shots.

2. National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is self-described as a “a progressive visual arts institution which oversees the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia.” The gallery, found in the Heart of Singapore, has minimalist neon backdrops that are perfect for Instagram.

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3. Unko Museum

Unko Museum, which literally translates to “Poop Museum,” first made waves online when it opened in Yokohama, Japan in March. While the museum has plenty of cute poop emoji-like exhibits, you can also snag a photo in front of a neon wall. The museum will be open until August.

4. Dynamic Maze

Dynamic Maze is an extension of Alive Museum, a South Korean art museum which hosts other interactive activities. While the exhibit does, in fact, act as a challenging maze for visitors, there are plenty of photo-ops like its snazzy neon within the maze itself.

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Featured photo courtesy courtesy of CNN.

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