With the days of June dwindling and the heat of summer right on our heels, Pride Month is quickly coming to an end. And while pride and the celebration of one’s identity can’t really be confined to a single month, that doesn’t mean you need to stop being more prideful during its last few moments. 

Here are a few Asian and Asian American music videos you can watch while it’s still Pride Month: 

1. I’m Gay — Eugene Lee Yang 

The Try Guys’ Eugene Yang has been the buzz of the internet after he released a self-choreographed music video of him coming out as gay. The project, which took months to plan, was put together in honor of Pride Month, during a time when Yang said he “just knew” it was time to come out.  

2. We’re All Different, Yet The Same — Jolin Tsai

As “Asia’s gay icon,” Jolin Tsai is no stranger to controversy surrounding her LGBTQ-positive music, and “We’re All Different, Yet The Same” proved that point when the music video was banned in Singapore. The Taiwanese singer has also featured different LGBT communities in her other music videos, including videos like “Dr. Jolin.” 

“I don’t intend to become an idol for any specific group of people,” Tsai told Billboard in a 2017 interview. “All I want to do is to encourage some people by saying things I think to be right, so that they know they are not alone.”

3. Girls Like Girls — Hayley Kiyoko

You can’t mess with Hayley Kiyoko’s sapphic energy no matter how hard you try, and as the person who iconically dubbed last year “20gayteen,” there’s really no point to when the Asian American singer has fully integrated it into her music style and aesthetic. “Girls Like Girls” is a clear marriage of both, celebrating her identity all while showcasing her talent as an artist.

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